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Independent Maps is a non-partisan statewide coalition supporting the petition campaign to place the Independent Map Amendment before voters in November 2016. The Independent Maps coalition’s board of directors includes prominent members of both major political parties, as well as leaders from the clergy, academia and philanthropic organizations.

Illinois government is broken. Career politicians go behind closed doors and rig elections by drawing legislative maps to benefit themselves. The Independent Map Amendment will reform the rules and require a process of drawing maps that is transparent, impartial and fair. Illinois elections should reflect the will of the people, not the politicians.

Independent Map Amendment
435 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 902, Chicago, IL 60611

Amendment Language

Illinois Independent Redistricting Amendment The purpose of the 2016 Illinois… Continue

    Board of Directors of Independent Maps

    Chair: Dennis FitzSimons Chairman, Robert R. McCormick Foundation and a former Chairman and CEO… Continue


    AARP Illinois, Common Cause Illinois, Change Illinois, Illinois Farm Bureau… Continue

    Paid for by Support Independent Maps.  A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board's official website or for purchase from the Illinois State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.