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Independent Maps responds to Illinois Supreme Court refusal to reconsider ruling on redistricting reform amendment

CHICAGO – Dennis FitzSimons, Chair of Independent Maps, on Tuesday issued the following statement in response to the Illinois Supreme Court’s refusal to reconsider its 4 to 3 decision disqualifying the redistricting reform amendment from the ballot:

Remap: Illinois reformers can keep losing to the Democratic machine. Or ...

Backers of a remap amendment appeared to have all their teeth intact, but it was clear at a Wednesday news conference they had been kicked in the mouth.

Once again, machine politics won. Voters lost.

Independent Maps asks Illinois Supreme Court to reconsider its 4 to 3 party line decision against redistricting reform amendment

The Independent Maps coalition on Wednesday filed a petition asking the Illinois Supreme Court to reconsider its recent ruling denying voters the ability to vote this November on the proposed constitutional amendment to require a transparent, impartial and fair process of drawing legislative maps.

State independent map amendent ruling effectively outlaws citizen-led reform

“The Constitution is supposed to protect the people from tyranny. Instead the entrenched political ruling class is now using that very document to silence the voice of democracy.”

Victory came 1 vote short; don’t give up on redistricting

One vote is all that stood in the way of the Independent Map Amendment being approved by the Illinois Supreme Court for placement on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Government for the politicians

Aug. 25 — a Thursday — was a dark day for the state of Illinois, and that's putting it in the least disturbing words possible.

Keep pushing for anti-gerrymandering reform

Last week’s Illinois Supreme Court ruling that knocked an anti-gerrymandering constitutional amendment off the Nov. 8 ballot was a big setback for democracy in our state, but reformers can’t give up.

System rigged against voters

The Illinois Supreme Court last week allowed the redistricting process to remain rigged by effectively killing a voter-led attempt to change the way in which legislative district boundaries are drawn.

Fair maps shouldn't be victims of partisanship

The majority seems to be setting the bar so high for ballot initiatives that it's almost impossible for a citizen-led effort to succeed.

One vote invalidates 563,974 in Illinois

“The Illinois constitution is meant to prevent tyranny, not to enshrine it,” Justice Robert Thomas wrote in his dissent.

We must not surrender to Illinois 'tyranny enshrined'

It’s easy in Springfield to back major structural and ethical reforms when you know your party’s legislative leaders will ensure they never are called for a vote, legislative redistricting among them.

After remap decision, might as well make Mike Madigan king

The Independent Maps campaign raised millions of dollars and collected nearly 600,000 signatures. It had more than enough support to have earned a chance to present its idea to voters in November.

Supreme Court's Democratic majority sides with Madigan on redistricting. Surprise!

Illinois Supreme Court Justice Robert Thomas had some choice words for four colleagues who joined in a ruling that knocked a citizen-driven redistricting amendment off the Nov. 8 ballot:

"The Illinois Constitution is meant to prevent tyranny, not to enshrine it."

Voters, take back your state

A half-dozen states have given ordinary citizens, not politicians, the power to draw legislative boundaries, which plays a big role in who gets elected every two years. It's a shame Illinois can't join them — not yet, anyway.

Independent Maps disappointed with Supreme Court ruling; weighing option of seeking rehearing

Dennis FitzSimons, Chair of Independent Maps, on Thursday issued the following statement in response to the Illinois Supreme Court’s 4 to 3 decision disqualifying the redistricting reform amendment from the ballot:

Re-districting needed

Why don’t we have more choice of candidates in Illinois elections? Primarily because the party in control can stack the deck in their favor by manipulating voting districts.

Fair maps can help break down machine

Illinois government needs serious repair.

Independent map needed

The push to put the Independent Map Amendment on the ballot for the upcoming election has been actively moving ahead.

Support voters, support Independent Map Amendment

These are the same old tired political insiders that think that the status quo in Illinois is OK because it benefits them. Well, it’s not OK.

Allow map question on Nov. ballot

Our Illinois government is broken when career politicians from either party can rig elections by drawing legislative maps to benefit themselves.

Illinois Elections Should Reflect the Will of the People, Coalition says

The people of Illinois have been denied competitive elections and have been saddled with too many legislators who care more about their own self-interest than the will of the people.”

Map Amendment Update

The Redistricting or MAP Amendment measure is currently awaiting a decision by the Illinois Supreme Court to determine whether or not that measure will appear on the November ballot.

Map opponents seem to be shunning law

Our highest court is hearing one of the most important cases it will ever hear...

System's rigged; Illinois needs independent maps

This is the first time in 22 years that a citizen initiative in Illinois has made it this far for any reform.

Unlike other states, Illinois makes it hard to get measures on ballot

Illinoisans can only bypass Springfield by changing Illinois’ Constitution.

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