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Our Blog: Mapping A Solution

What comes next for Independent Maps
In the last year, we collected close to 620,000 signatures to put Independent Maps on the ballot. After crossing out thousands of duplicate and illegible signatures, we submitted just over 570,000…
Eleanor Zimmerlein is an inspiration
Eleanor Zimmerlein is a 90-year-old member of the Illinois Farm Bureau and a true “superstar” of volunteers in our campaign to put the Independent Map Amendment on the ballot.
Nearly two-thirds of Illinois voters want redistricting reform, but we need your help to make it happen
In a new Paul Simon Public Policy Institute poll, 64 percent of Illinois voters said they support creation of an independent commission to draw legislative maps.
President Obama: "In America, politicians should not pick their voters; voters should pick their politicians."
Using the White House transcription of President Obama’s remarks, we’ve excerpted the redistricting reform section of his speech. And in (COMMENT) paragraphs, we added our own annotations…
Looking back at 2015 and ahead to success in 2016
As we begin a new year and head into the final months of our petition drive, we reflect upon our progress over the past year and look forward to big things in 2016.
Who Will Serve on the Impartial Commission?
I’ve spent my first few weeks as the campaign manager for Independent Maps talking to people and having very thoughtful discussions about impartial redistricting and what that will mean for…
David Erickson: Why I Support The Independent Map Amendment
Change! If you are like me, you often hear that we need to bring about change in our political system. Change isn’t easy, but once it’s done it can have a very positive impact on our…
Members of LWV of Illinois - Our Volunteers of the Month!
We have received so much immense support from the League of Women Voters of Illinois that we are designating LWV members as our Volunteers of the Month joining the ranks of many other superstar…
Your Independent Map Amendment Petition - Don’t Leave Home Without It!
You never know when you might run into someone who wants to sign an Independent Map petition.
Volunteers Say Independent Map Petitions Are An “Easy Sell”
If you’re new to petition passing, you might not be comfortable asking for a signature on a petition. But our veteran volunteers assure us that an idea as popular as independent, non-partisan…
Why I Support The Independent Map Amendment
Abe Scarr, Director of Illinois PIRG, explains why he supports the Independent Map Amendment.
Top Tips From Veteran Petition Volunteers
Top tips about petition circulating from veteran volunteers.
Why I Support The Independent Map Amendment
Former State Rep. Kathy Ryg, a Lake County Democrat, explains why she supports the Independent Map Amendment.
Volunteer Spotlight
Jan Goldberg of Riverside turned in 600 petition signatures in July — more than any other volunteer.
Peoria Area Volunteers Deliver More Than 1,000 Signatures
Volunteers from Peoria and nearby communities turned in more than 1,000 signatures on Independent Map Amendment petitions, and that's just the start for them.
The blog starts here
Welcome to our inaugural blog post.

Paid for by Support Independent Maps.  A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board's official website or for purchase from the Illinois State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.